10 Things Job Seekers look for in a Job Ad.

I write this letter with the best intent and I sincerely hope that you can understand where this is coming from. This letter is presented to you to better understand what a person like me (i.e. a Job Seeker is looking for in a job advertisement).


So without further delay let's kick of the list of 10 things jobseekers look for in a Job advertisement:


1. Job Title:

Job title is always a good start... it tells me what I will be doing for your company to make the company run like a well oiled machine, and thus be profitable.


2. Company / Client Name:

Please inform be who I will be working for. Come on there is no life threatening reason why your company / client name should be the best kept secret since the Coke a Cola recipe. This way I can do some research about the company and be more prepared for my interview, which will mean that you'll be able to hire me on the spot without delay and save time and money by not interviewing endless amount of Job Seekers.


3. Location of the Position:

Location, location, location... If you just list ‘Gauteng' as the location that leaves my mind to wonder, and that is a very dangerous thing. Gauteng is a vast space of real estate and guess work is not by strongest point! Let me know the location so I can start planning the shortest route to work to prevent always having to blame the traffic for being late for work.


4. Salary Range & Benefits:

Is this job going to be worth my while? This is the type of question I ask when I look at the job. The salary - and of course additional benefits - is always a top selling point, even if it just says that there is a coffee stand close to my desk (a major plus for any worker, caffeine keeps us peppy and happy staff are profitable staff).


5. Job Requirements:

Am I qualified for this job? I need numbers and minimum qualifications please... Minimum number of years experience to know how well qualified I am for this position.


6. Job Description:

What are my duties? How will my performance be measured? What can I do for you and how can I add value to your business?


7. Short listing questions:

Challenge me with some good questions regarding the job spec. Let me prove to you that I'm suitable for this position by asking me a couple of challenging questions when I apply to the position.


8. More useful information:

Please tell me more about my working conditions. What kind of company will I be spending most of my day with? Who will I be reporting to? Let me get to know the company before I apply so that you and I know that I already appreciate your culture and business environment, hence I don't waste your time in applying if I am not the right fit.


9. Etiquette:

Please refrain for using CAPITAL letters and too many exclamation marks throughout the job spec. I know that you are very excited to hire a great Job Seeker like me, but this will seem to me that you are shouting at me before you've even hired me. Let's be honest, the shouting may only start once you've actually hired me (and of course if I've done something wrong, which won't happen because I'll be peppy due to all the coffee you have provided me).


10. Conclusion:

If you can please follow these guidelines then I'll have all the information that I need to prepare my application to the best of my ability so as not to dissappoint you either before or after the job interview.


Also please be so kind as to let me know whether I was successful (or not) in my application. There is nothing worse for us Job Seekers so as not to get feedback on the status of our application. Please, Please, Please at least do us the courtesy of letting us know.


Thank you for your time to read my plea.


Hope to here for you soon.


Best regards,

All Job Seekers Everywhere.


Written by Hane Calitz, Jobs.co.za