Job Interview Body Language that Sells You

Interviewers are trained to assess the conscious messages as well as sub-conscious messages you relay during a job interview. On a sub-conscious level you are able to communicate using your body language. Your interview body language says much about you before you have even said hello to your interviewer.



While your implicit communication style may be telling the interviewer one thing, you need to be aware of what your body language is saying. It is an interviewer's job is to consider how well you will fit in with company culture. By exploring your conscious communication as well as your sub-conscious communication, your interviewer will be able to tell a lot more about you than you could imagine. Your body language communicates your personality type, how confidant you are and how well you cope with stress. You need to be aware of literally every move you make if you want to be successful in making a lasting interview impression. While this may be sounding more like an after shave advert to you, I assure you, the more you learn about your body language the better for your job interview.



Physical Contact with your Interviewer.



While this may seem obvious job interview advice many people battle with physical contact boundaries. Consider that not everyone may be as open to physical contact as you are. In converse, not everyone may be as adverse to it either. Always shake hands with every member of staff you meet during a job interview. From the receptionist to the CEO, consistently greet everyone with a confident handshake. A handshake is a universal method of greeting those whom you respect and constitutes as body language. Whether you are familiar with the person or are meeting them for the first time, a handshake is a safe and respectful way to acknowledge their presence. Remember, your aim here is not to crush your acquaintances knuckles by squeezing their hand hello. A firm respectful grasp just strong enough to communicate your determination will make for sound use of body language when attending a job interview.



Eye Contact as a Form of Body Language.



Many people struggle with where to look during a job interview or when looking directly at a person. This is a complex form of body language which I plan to simplify for you. It is silly to imagine that while a Job Seeker is concentrating on answering interview questions, to ask them to time the seconds they spend looking at each party in the room. Share your eye contact with everyone in the room. Concentrate on being as natural as possible, including your eye contact and eye movements. Shifty eyes that seem to search the room for an escape route, presents to the interviewer as being insecure and having something to hide. If you feel uncomfortable looking at your job interviewer directly in their eyes, try to focus on the bridge of their nose. Without going squint, select an inconspicuous place on the interviewers face in close proximity to the centre of the interviewer's eyes. If the interviewer has some form of blemish or mark on their face try not to stare at it or even worse, point at it as you cover your mouth and run out the room.



Posture and Pose.



The best advice I ever got about job interview body language was; 'pretend like you're on the beach in your cozzie'. Regardless of whether you are fit or not, when you're in your cozzie, the way you carry yourself automatically works in favour of your posture and overall body language. Push your shoulders down and extend your neck to give you height and sophistication. Pull your stomach in and tighten your abdominal muscles to sit up straight and at attention. Naturally, you want to appear relaxed and comfortable so make sure you can still breathe. Keep your shoulders square to your body and lean slightly in towards the person who addresses you.



What to Do With Your Hands during Your Job Interview.



Hands are one of the easiest ways to read body language and it is important to know what to do with these appendages. How you hold them, where you place them and what you do with them is surprisingly crucial body language information. Did you ever hear what 'Confucius Say' about man who keeps hands in pockets? Always keep your hands in plain sight. Never hold your hands in your pockets or tightly ring them on your lap. The more natural and relaxed your hand body language is the more relaxed and calm you will appear. Safely hold your forearms at ninety degrees from your body and place your hands in your lap in a steeple position to promote an open and relaxed body language. Always try to keep your hands lower than your elbows, during your job interview and your hands should be comfortably placed.



What to Wear to your Job Interview?



Clothing is one of the surest ways in which we express our personalities. While maintaining who you are, always attend a job interview dressed professionally. While this is not a direct form of body language, your dress sense certainly communicates much about you. If the culture of the organisation is relaxed, they will forgive you for your formality and appreciate your respectful approach. In converse however, if you attend a job interview under-dressed the impression you make will be far from appealing. Ladies should avoid low cut skirts and plunging necklines as well as loud and abrasive styles. It is safe for men and women alike to stick to typical job interview attire such as dark suits, collared shirts and classic cuts.




Just as much as the interviewer is reading your body language, you too can learn to read the interviewer's body language. Understanding body language makes it easier for people to read situations and respond appropriately. Learn what your body language says about you during an interview and make sure you know the tricks on how to improve on the impression that you make.